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Installation Method Statement

1. Mortar Mixes
1.1 Sand shall be washed and free from clay, chalk, shells, organic materials and other impurities.
1.2 Ratio for the mix should be 1 part Ordinary Portland Cement : 3 part sand (1:3).
1.3 The ingredients shall first be mixed dry before water is added to the mix.
1.4 Mortar shall be used within 30 minutes of mixing. No mortar, which has achieved its initial set, shall be used in the work, 
                and no water is to be added to the mortar, after the initial mix.

2. Block Work
2.1 The area is to be cleaned, all loose materials to be removed.
2.2 Keep a maximum of 6 courses being built in a section in any one day.
2.3 Block shall be built in stretcher bond unless otherwise specified.
2.4 Where block work abuts structural concrete columns or walls it shall be tied to the concrete with dowel bar or rebar as 
                per positions indicated on the drawings, unless otherwise specified.
2.5 Use wire mesh at every interval of 3 layers block heigh horizontally.
2.6 All units shall be laid on a full bed of mortar in perfectly horizontal courses. All vertical joints shall be in perfect vertical 
                alignment and well filled by buttering the ends of the unit and then sliding into position against its neighbour.
2.7 Cutting of blocks shall be kept to a minimum. Cut with motor driven masonry saws, using either an abrasive or diamond 
                blade. Cut neatly and located for best apprearance.
2.8 All joints shall be solidly filled and the thickness of the joints  shall not exceed 10 mm.
2.9 All mortar joints shall be pointed out when thumbprint hard into a concave configuration unless otherwise specified.
2.10 Curing of block work should be done for at least 7 days.