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Product Range

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Product Range of GenBlock


 Product Code  GB 115.01   |   GB 125.01
 Size  (W)115 / 125 x (H)190 x (L)390 mm
 Weight  approx. 12.5 kg   |   13.6 kg

 Product Code  GB 115.03
 Size  (W)115 x (H)190 x (L)190 mm
 Weight  approx. 6.5 kg 

 Product Code  GB 220.01 
 Size  (W)220 x (H)190 x (L)390 mm 
 Weight  approx. 20.0 kg 

 Product Code  GB 220.03 
 Size  (W)220 x (H)190 x (L)190 mm 
 Weight  approx. 10.0 kg 

 Product Code  115.01 U
 Size  (W)115 x (H)190 x (L)390 mm 
 Weight  approx. 13.0 kg 

 Product Code  115.01 T 
 Size  (W)115-190 x (H)190 x (L)390 mm
 Weight  approx. 15.0 kg 

 Product Code  115.01 L 
 Size  (W)115-190 x (H)190 x (L)390 mm 
 Weight  approx. 12.5 kg 

 Product Code  115.01 P 
 Size  (W)115-190 x (H)190 x (L)390 mm
 Weight  approx. 12.0 kg


 Product Code  GenBrick 
 Size  (W)115 x (H)90 x (L)240 mm 
 Weight  approx. 3.4 kg 


 Product Code  GenBrick - Pillar 
 Size  (W)115 x (H)90 x (L)240 mm 
 Weight  approx. 3.0 kg 


 Product Code  Solid Brick - SB 115.01 
 Size  (W)115 x (H)100 x (L)240 mm 
 Weight  approx. 5.5 kg 

------ Tolerance: Length & Width of GenBlock shall be within 1mm Tolerance
------ Height of GenBlock shall be within 3mm Tolerance


Compressive Strength of GenBlock 115.01:-   7 N / mm2

Water Absorbtion Rate:   5%

SIRIM Tested   2 Hours   Fire Rating