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 - Infill Wall for Cast-in-situ project
 - Swiftlets Farm House
 - Low Cost Load Bearing Wall
 - Perimeter Security Fencing
 - Sound Barrier Wall & etc

Method Statement

 1.  The area is to be cleaned, all loose materials to be removed.
 2.  Before starting of block work, the area is to be washed with water.
 3.  Block work shall raise the maximum of 5 courses in a section in any one day.
 4.  Walls shall be built in stretcher bond unless otherwise specified.
 5.  Cutting of blocks shall be kept to a minimum. 
 6.  Cement mortar should be in the ratio of 1 part of cement : 3 part of sand ( 1:3 ). 
 7.  All units shall be laid on a full bed of mortar in perfectly horizontal courses. All joints shall be in perfect
 vertical alignment and well filled by buttering the ends of the unit and then sliding into position against
 its neighbour. 
 8.  All joints shall be solidly filled and the thickness of the joints shall not exceed 10mm. All mortar joints
 shall be concave finished with the general face of the wall unless otherwise specified. 
 9.  Hollow Block at jambs, reveals of opening shall be filled solid with concrete. 
 10.  Curing of block work should be done for at least 7 days.
 11.  Apply the plaster / skimcoat to the required thickness and finish. 
 12.  Paint the plastered / skimcoated or unplastered finish according to the requirement. Matt finished PBM
 Water Repellent 0012 is recommended for surface protection on either painted or unpainted area.